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Getting started

Equipment 101

This a great way to get familiar with equipment in the Wellness Center & Strength Training Center.


KickStart is a FREE program that provides you with an easy-to-follow equipment. You will not be alone in
this process!

Try Our New InBody Fitness Assessment

Meet with a fitness professional that will utilize the InBody 570 to lead you through a body composition analysis that
includes more than 20 measurements.

Family Orientations

After completing a Family FIT orientation, children ages 7-12 may work out with a parent. For more information, or to schedule an orientation, please contact Carrie Myers at 760.942.9622, ext. 12579. You may also call the call the Strength training Center at ext. 12541

Frequent Y'er Program

Working out regularly is key in meeting your exercise goals. Become a Frequent Y’er and keep track of your monthly workouts with a Frequent Y’er goal card. Ask our fitness professionals about this program today!


Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness, mind/body, studio cycling, water fitness and Active Older Adult classes

Mind & Body Classes

Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, NIA, Somatics® and flexibility classes. These classes are designed to strengthen your spirit, mind and body.

Studio Cycling

Designed for participants looking for a fun cycling workout. The instructor will guide you through a challenging cardiovascular workout that changes in intensity as you are taught correct technique and form to maximize results.

Family Fitness

Fitness classes for the entire family.

Adult Outdoor Activities

Our Adult Action Adventure Program features golf, kayaking, road riding and trail hiking.

Y Active Adult Fitness

Classes for new exercisers, as well as seasoned participants. Fitness evaluations available, too.

Water Fitness

You can get a good solid aerobic workout in the pool! Water Fitness moves your body and pumps your heart without putting undue strain on your joints. Whether you are young or old, perfectly healthy or recovering from an injury, extremely fit or just beginning, the pool is a great place for you.



Get a breath of fresh air and a great workout at the same time!




Glide Training Programs

Glide training systems maximize efficiency, time and effect of your work outs. Glide delivers a complete combination of strength, flexibility in a 40 minute small group setting.


Pilates training can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels, and performs.

Personal Training

One-on-one focused training designed to meet fitness goals.

Small Group Training Classes

Look for our many small group training classes led by certified personal trainers. Classes usually meet once or twice a week and last 4-6 weeks.

Teen Personal Training

Looking to introduce fitness to your teen?
Looking to improve sports skills?
Looking to implement healthy workout habits?
Try Teen Personal Training!


Choose from the non-intimidating Wellness Center or the state-of-the-art Strength Training Center. Orientations available.

Family Fitness Programs

This is a great way to spend quality time with your child in a healthy environment.

Wellness in the Workplace

Let the YMCA bring certified fitness professionals to your workplace!

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